Are employees rejecting SharePoint?

Now this is an article that is well worth reading if you have a spare five minutes. In it the authors discuss whether SharePoint is being rejected by employees in organisations where it has been deployed.
In the blue corner...I mean in the Yes camp is Sam Marshall from Clear Box Consulting. Sam argues that although SharePoint is a success in some respects, look beyond an organisations firewall and you'll find that SharePoint isn't being used as it was intended to be. For example blogs and My Sites, which are particularly powerful features of SharePoint 2010 have very low adoption rates.
The difference between SharePoint and a traditional intranet
Sam suggests that a major reason for the failure of SharePoint is that the way individuals interact with SharePoint is different from a traditional intranet. On SharePoint there is an expectaton that users will be active participants rather then just passive users. Sam also points out that SharePoint is inherently complicated "It’s highly complex, and some of the collaboration patterns are quite sophisticated, such as metadata, versioning and workflow. It makes it hard to selectively switch these elements off so that people can learn progressively"
The counter (No) argument is provided by Camilla Herrmann who is an internal and digital communications consultant. Camilla sets out her stall by saying yes some of the collaboration tools within SharePoint aren't great. "The wiki is very basic and full of annoying little characteristics, so it’s not really surprising if it gets little use. The discussion forum is nearly as poor"  However Camilla then goes on to say that with a little tweaking the collaboration tools within SharePoint can become the most useful//powerful part of your intranet, especially where they're supported by central management.

Camilla also suggests (and I agree with her) that allowing employees to comment on items and rate documents for usefullness is a great way to get employees to "dip their toes" into collaboration.

Should you be using SharePoint

Ultimately the choice about whether you choose SharePoint or not wont come down to one individual but if you're considering using it then I would highly recommend reading this article first.