A very fine rain...Janathon Run#24

Part of my 5.5 mile run route*
A short update today as I'm busy at work and am out this evening so not able to blog later. Today wasn't a day for the faint-hearted, cold, miserable and wet was a good summary of the weather and worse the rain was that horrible type that seems to soak you even though it wasn't raining that heavily :-(

Despite that I manged to drag myself outside into the "fresh" air. Unsurprisingly that weren't that many runners out and those that were out had plenty of rueful smiles!

*According to the many notices I see along this part of my run Thames Water plan to turn this part of the river front into some sort of super sewer. What is it with me and sewers?

Run summary

Distance - 5.59 miles
Time - 46:42

Runners encountered - Not many
Runners overtaken - 3
Runners who overtook me - 1
Dog walkers dodged - 2
Puddles stepped in - lots
Number of times drenched - 1


Why did the weather forecaster move to another country?

Because the weather didn’t agree with him.

[Photo credit - Canary Wharf from Flickr]