Swings and roundabouts...Janathon Run#4

Another day, another run...you might see a bit of a trend developing here...;-) having successfully dragged myself out of bed yesterday morning I did exactly the same this morning and was greeted by similar weather conditions aka windy but also today cold.

I'd already decided I was going to run the same route as yesterday and was pleased to get round in about the same time given that I've never run 3 days in a row let alone 4 days in a row...it will be interesting to see what my times are like on day 24!

Statistics for the run are as follows:

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 30:50

Runners encountered - 0
Dog walkers dodged  - 0
Commuters collided with - 8

So a storming victory for the commuters today. I almost missed the yapping of dogs being walked...almost. Having said it was a bit colder today I had a discussion on Twitter with one of my close friends about what conditions we prefer to run in.

I'd rather run in cold conditions then windy conditions as running into a headwind or side-wind is likely to affect you're running more then the cold. Having said that I'd prefer to run in rain then the cold. Once you're wet you're wet, yet you can always get a bit colder and it always seems to take forever to warm up again. At the opposite end of the scale the hottest temperature I've ever run in was a sunny 21 degrees. When you run in this type of heat, which isn't really that hot I find myself drained of energy really quickly, which is probably why there aren't many races during July and August!

What are your perfect running conditions?