Running mojo...Janathon Run#21

So today was the first day I really didn't feel like running. After my dreadmill exploits yesterday my right calf was and still is feeling a a bit tight. I think I might need to invest in a foam roller as used by Karleen Smith on her blog or a sport massage. It was also horrible out which wasn't what the BBC weather site had predicted at all. Anyway to cut a long story short my willpower won over despite my legs protests and I proceeded outside for what would turn out to be a quick 4 mile run in reasonable conditions. Not a huge amount to say about the run itself apart from there were no runners and no dog walkers, which is a first.

I was almost run over by a car reversing at speed, which was an interesting experience. One final thing, aside from Deep Heat what do Janathoners recommend for rubbing into sore bits?

Run summary

Distance 4.01 miles
Time - 29:35


Q - How do you make an apple turnover

A - Push it down the hill

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    # by LilB - Sunday, January 22, 2012

    Hi James - I have resorted to Voltarol Gel - not great but it helps! Well done on your run for Saturday - I'm a bit behind on blog reading as I needed to go to bed last night!