Running in the city...Janathon Run#9

May not be the same number of runners as today
So today was the first time I'd run my work lunchtime route. Unfortunately I forgot two important things; firstly I forgot my sports watch so my time was around what I've logged but wont be exactly. The second perhaps more important thing is my hair styling product. I'm now hiding in my office as a result.

Anyway on to the run, this is a 5 mile route I run a lot, which takes me close to the Tower Bridge and then through Wapping/Wapping Basin towards Canary Wharf before I double back at Canary Wharf. Now for some reason, much like treadmills, I run a bit slower in London. I think it has something to do with being at work and thinking about work and working :-) There are other things I don't like about running in London, which you may or may not agree with...

Things I like about running in London
  • Running next to the river
  • The sights
  • Other runners encouraging you or very occasionally being able to overtake other runners
Things I dislike about running in London
  • Running next to the river, especially when a breeze gets up
  • The sights, especially when there are bus loads of tourists ambling around looking at them
  • Other runners, there is only so much space on a pavement
  • The traffic
  • Traffic lights
  • Cobblestones
Aside from those six reasons I really enjoy running in London!

Run summary

Distance - 5.59 miles
Time - 44 minutes*

*Approximately, tomorrow it will be more accurate

Dog walkers dodged - 2
Runners encountered - I lost count

& finally to join in with everyone else who appears to be doing Janathon and Jokeathon...

  • Why was the banana* in hospital?
  • Because it wasn't peeling well
*This joke can be applied to any fruit that can be peeled.

[Photo credit - Flickr - London Marathon 2009]

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    # by Phil - Monday, January 09, 2012

    Well done! We're nearly a third through janathon! Nice try with jokeathon....but you can do better than that!