Pitch black anyone?...Janathon Run#12

I could have used this
We all know the film Pitch Black right? Vin Diesel running around in odd looking glasses killing a bunch of innocent flying beasties, innocent that is until they try and eat you. Or as IMDB put it "A group of marooned space travelers struggle for survival on a seemingly lifeless sun-scorched world" 

Well I now know how they feel, having decided to run my favourite five mile route which takes me through some unlit areas I really felt like I could have starred in that film! Fortunately there were no beasties hiding behind bushes or waiting to fly down from the sky and snatch me away.

I did however see a fox. I'm not a lover of foxes, after we lost 2 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs to their wily ways. But I have to admit to be entranced by this as it ran down the road I was running on like it owned the place!

Run summary

Distance - 5.12 miles
Time - 41:44
Runners encountered - 0
Dog walkers dodged - 2
Commuters collided with - 7
Comments about my shorts - 1
Foxes seen - 1
Number of times scared by movement in bushes - several