My longest run...Janathon Run#15

A short post to let every who is following my Janathon efforts that I ran (for me) an impressive 7 miles today. This is my longest run as part of Janathon, it does form part of my usual runs but I hadn't included within Janathon because I hadn't had the time.

Anyway it was a very enjoyable run, just before sunset with the last mile done in semi-darkness.

Run summary

Distance - 7.04 miles
Time - 54:31

Runners encountered - 5*
Dog walkers dodged - 6

*I've included the little boy who rang alongside me for 10 seconds, the person who was sprinting down the road in jeans and boots and a runner who was walking!

And now for my joke, which I heard on TV this morning.

Q - Why did the partygoer wear a nappy to a party?

A - Because he was a party-pooper

Yes I didn't think it was very good either!