Mixing it up...Janathon Run#5

One of those things I knew I'd have to do if I stood any chance of completing Janathon was to mix up my runs. Which is why I decided to only run 3.57 miles today. I'm actually pleased that I only decided to run this distance as the weather conditions were horrible!

Not only was it raining but in my opinion it was windier then it was on Tuesday when we first experienced these inclement weather conditions! So as result of being buffeted, bashed and basically running into a headwind I posted a very disappointing time for what is a very short route.

Run summary

Distance - 3.57 miles
Time - 29:13

Runners encountered - 2*
Dog walkers dodged - 1
Commuters collided with - 5

*I think they were runners, they were dressed for running, but were walking at the time. Tomorrow I will have to see how things goes as I followed my run by throwing myself down the stairs. I'm hoping I haven't done any lasting damage but it's too early to tell at the moment.

[Photo credit - Mixer from flickr]

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    # by LilB - Friday, January 06, 2012

    Well done for getting out there - I don't think throwing oneself downstairs is in the list of janathon exercise! Hope no long term damage has been done :0)