A mile too many?...Janathon Run#17

You know what it's like you get changed, step outside and think I'll run the 4 mile route I had planned. Then when you get to 1/2 way you think actually I'll think I'll do 5 miles or maybe 6 or even 7. The point I'm trying to make is that sometimes I can get carried away when it comes to running and do more then I should be, which is precisely what I did today and now I'm suffering with what I believe is a tight hamstring.

I'm hoping a good stretch tonight will loosen it up otherwise I could be in trouble tomorrow :-(

Run summary

Distance - 5.59 miles
Time - 42:40

Runners encountered - I lost count
Dog walkers dodged - 2
Runners overtaken - 3


My daughters favourite joke at the moment...

  • What do sea monsters eat?

  • Fish and ships