Just me and myself...Janathon Run#8

One of the things I like about running outside is that it gives you a chance to reflect and think about stuff. A lot of my most "creative" moments have been when I've been on the road putting one foot in front of the other. This is one of the reasons I now dislike treadmills, at a gym there are too many distractions; people running next to you, people on other machines, music, TV, conversations happening around you. When you run outside on your own, you have yourself to keep yourself company. I never run with an iPod or MP3 player and have no plans to, especially now that a lot of races ban them and that's one of the reasons I enjoy running outside so much.

But enough of my ramblings we're exactly a week into Janathon and I'm feeling okay, although Biofreeze will be my friend soon enough I'm sure!

Run summary

Distance - 5.12 miles
Time - 38:44

Dog walkers dodged - 7
Runners encountered - 2*

*One of them was definitely a runner, but was walking :-( Tomorrow I plan to run a 10k route in the City which I've designed based on another one I've seen. Have any London based Janathoners run a route similar to this?

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    # by Peter Groves - Sunday, January 08, 2012

    I've spent many a happy lunch hour running a similar route - but using the walkway on the south bank, not the streets a bit further away from the river. If that reduces the total distance, use Lambeth Bridge not Westminster would be my suggestion. Your return route along the Embankment will be great, but it's unfortunate that the Thames Path just disappears after the wobbly bridge. Good luck, enjoy, and I will look forward to reading about it!

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    # by Grumpy Runner - Monday, January 09, 2012

    Yes, I feel exactly the same way. I NEVER run to music. I like to feel connected with the outdoors and aware of the things around me. Don't mind the background gym music as I tend to find gym work a bit boring sometimes!