Just me and myself...Janathon Run#8

One of the things I like about running outside is that it gives you a chance to reflect and think about stuff. A lot of my most "creative" moments have been when I've been on the road putting one foot in front of the other. This is one of the reasons I now dislike treadmills, at a gym there are too many distractions; people running next to you, people on other machines, music, TV, conversations happening around you. When you run outside on your own, you have yourself to keep yourself company. I never run with an iPod or MP3 player and have no plans to, especially now that a lot of races ban them and that's one of the reasons I enjoy running outside so much.

But enough of my ramblings we're exactly a week into Janathon and I'm feeling okay, although Biofreeze will be my friend soon enough I'm sure!

Run summary

Distance - 5.12 miles
Time - 38:44

Dog walkers dodged - 7
Runners encountered - 2*

*One of them was definitely a runner, but was walking :-( Tomorrow I plan to run a 10k route in the City which I've designed based on another one I've seen. Have any London based Janathoners run a route similar to this?