Finding your focus

It's a new year so if you're like me that means you're either going to set some New Years resolutions and probably break them or set some challenges/goals for the year that you want to undertake.

So what can you do to ensure that you complete the challenges or goals that you set yourself in 2012? I recommend having a read of an excellent post on the Above and Beyond KM blog called Find your focus, in the post V Mary Abraham suggests four ways in which you can complete goals you have set for 2012. These are as follows:
  1. Find your focus - decide early on what project or projects you're going to be undertaking and stick to those. If you take too much on you wont get anything done
  2. Plan to be flexible - I'll readily admit to having a curve-ball thrown at me. Unfortunately things don't always go to plan so you should plan for things to happen that disrupt your work and be flexible in your approach
  3. Celebrate progress - this is about recognising achievement and not just moving on to the next task or project without celebrating what you've achieved
  4. Be kinder - we all know that work can sometimes be a bit rough and you have to take the rough with the smooth. Being kind to your colleagues will set the tone for how they work with you during the rest of the year, so doing something nice be kinder
Some great advice here from V Mary Abraham and I'll certainly be referring back to this blog post when I'm thinking about setting my priorities for 2012.