The dreaded treadmill...Janathon Run#6

This is what treadmills should be used for
Well today was the first time I'd stepped on a treadmill for about 6 months and I was suitably dreading it. For some reasons I always run a lot slower on treadmills then I do outside. It might be because you have that constant slowly moving reminder of how far you've run and how fast you're going. Either way I'm not a fan and probably wont be going back on one for another 6 months!

Although if the weather gets a lot colder then I might be taking advantage of a free weekly pass to my local gym courtesy of one of my work colleagues. So this was Run number 6, which means by my reckoning we're almost a week in to Janathon and for me it's going pretty well. Over the weekend I'll probably do one short run and one long one, it depends a lot on the weather of course and what else we're doing over the weekend.

Run summary

Distance - 6.21 miles/10k
Time - 53:12

Runners encountered - lots, although mostly either side of me
Dog walkers dodged - 0
Commuters collided with - 0

So finally a win for the runners!

[Photo credit - Treadmill from Flickr]