Chilly but calm...Janathon Run#11

Not much to say about today's run. I woke up I resisted the duvet gravity effect and I dragged myself downstairs into my running gear and out on to the chilly but relatively calm streets. Thursday and Friday look like they will be even colder so I may need more time to "prepare" myself for that challenge!

Run summary

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 31.25

Dog walkers dodged - 0
Runners encountered - 0
Commuters collided with - 6

Now if you've been reading my blog, you will have noticed it's called the "Running Librarian" because unsurprisingly I am a Librarian. So I thought I'd start posting Jokes about Libraries/Librarians, starting with this cracker :-(

Q - Why did the librarian slip in the library?

A - Because they were in the non-friction section.