Canterbury 10 mile

So this was something of a double-header a 10 mile race and my 29th run of Janathon. I'd set my expectations for this race at around 1 hour and 20 minutes, having previously run the race in 2010 where I set a time of 1:22:17. Given that I'd run every day for the last month I was hoping I'd be a little bit fitter, despite being two years older. As it turns out I ran pretty much the perfect race, apart from slowing down when going up the hills. I really need to join a running club even it's just to do some hill training. So these were my splits, sadly they're reliant on my memory so there are some gaps.

Mile 1 - Didn't see the mile marker, but the first time I looked at my watch it said 10:41
Mile 2 - 15:53
Mile 3 : 22:23
Mile 4 : 30:33
Mile 5 : 38:23
Mile 6 : 46:03
Mile 7 : 51:13
Mile 8 : 1:01:14
Mile 9 : 1:08:19
Mile 10: 1:15:51

So some pretty quick miles towards then end, but then from about 8 miles onwards it's all downhill - which is a relief given that between miles 4 and 7 it's pretty much uphill all the way! I even had a sprint finish in my legs, thanks to another runner who said go for it. He was apparently running with a groin strain - now that's commitment! That time meant I finished 303rd out of 889 runners. You can look at the full results on the IEK Chip timing website There are supposed to be 5 mile split times listed but I cant see these at the moment.

I should also say I ran yesterday 1.35 miles in 10:51 but failed to blog about it. I don't know whether this makes me a Janathon failure or not! Tomorrow I expect I will be aching somewhat but will happily run in the knowledge that there are only two days of Janathon left and after surprising myself with this time!

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    # by Peter Groves - Sunday, January 29, 2012

    Well done - your Janathon makes mine look pathetic!