Bright, but chilly...Janathon Run#2

I had no excuses apart from having to put away the Christmas decorations to not getting outside and completing run two of the Janathon challenge. So it was that wrapped up warmly and stepped outside and proceeded to cover 4.01 miles in a brisk 28:42. I've also as you may have noticed managed to finally save and download the Janathon participant icon.

Statistics from this run are as follows:

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 28:42

Runners encountered - 1
Dog owners dodged - 3
People shouting "Run Forrest run" - 0

So another win for the dog owners, but much closer this time. Tomorrow I'll include a list of commuters frowning at me as I've decided to run before work...should be interesting to see whether this actually happens.