Artichoke hill...Janathon Run#23

It really does look like this
Here's a famous fact you may or may not know. Artichoke Hill is one of the places long running Police show the Bill was filmed it's also part of the 3.91 run I undertook this afternoon. Or rather it would be If was to run up Artichoke Hill.

  1. Artichoke Hill isn't that much of a hill
  2. I run across/past it rather then up it
But never let it be said that I don't grasp an opportunity to promote an unknown part of London. Even if it was unknown to me until I looked it up! If you have the time you really must have a look at some of the results for Artichoke Hill on Flickr

Run summary

Distance - 3.91 miles
Time - 29:05
Runners encountered - a few
Dog walkers dodged - 0
Famous, but sadly now defunct sets run past - 1
Less salubrious establishments run past - 1


I thought I'd struggle to find a clean joke about Artichokes*, how wrong was I...

Knock Knock 
Who’s there? 
Artichokes, who? 
Artichokes when he eats too fast!

*Not the greatest joke in the world admittedly

[Photo credit - Artichoke Hill from Flickr]