10 for 10

Today is sponsored by the number 10, because we've reached what I consider a milestone - DOUBLE FIGURES! Today was/is the 10th day of January and saw me run for the 10th time in January! Very pleased with my efforts to-date and relatively injury free. Unfortunately there isn't a lot more to say then that I do however have what I consider to be a better joke then yesterday.

Q - What cheese do you use to hide a horse?

A - Marscapone

*boom boom*

Run summary

Distance - 5.59 miles
Time - 45 minutes*


Dog walkers dodged - 4
Runners encountered - loads
Runners who overtook me - 3
Runners I overtook - 5
Time spent standing at traffic lights 2 minutes and 30 seconds

[Photo credit - Number 10 from Flickr]