All wrapped up!

Two posts in one today, the first a summary of my final run on Janathon I'd like to say the thought of finishing Janathon after 31 sometimes cold, sometimes wet and sometimes windy morning/afternoons/evenings pushed me to perform faster then ever before but that would be a lie.

I did run quite quickly but that was probably due to it being close to or below freezing when I went for my run! I've been really pleased with my efforts in January and they appear to have paid off, not just with my very impressive (at least to me) time in the Canterbury 10 mile but also in my new semi-svelte figure!

Bring on January 2013! could we make it shorter next year though?

Run summary

Distance - 5.59 miles
Time - 44:22
Runners encountered - not that many, what a surprise
Runners overtaken - 13*
Dog walkers dodged - 0

*A record and no they weren't just standing in a big group

Run summary 30 January

Distance - 3.91 miles
Time - 29:12

So that's it for Janathon 2012. I will still be blogging about the races I run in so if any Janathoners want to continue to reading my blog I'd be very happy to keep you "entertained"

[Photo credit - Simple present wrapping close up]

Canterbury 10 mile

So this was something of a double-header a 10 mile race and my 29th run of Janathon. I'd set my expectations for this race at around 1 hour and 20 minutes, having previously run the race in 2010 where I set a time of 1:22:17. Given that I'd run every day for the last month I was hoping I'd be a little bit fitter, despite being two years older. As it turns out I ran pretty much the perfect race, apart from slowing down when going up the hills. I really need to join a running club even it's just to do some hill training. So these were my splits, sadly they're reliant on my memory so there are some gaps.

Mile 1 - Didn't see the mile marker, but the first time I looked at my watch it said 10:41
Mile 2 - 15:53
Mile 3 : 22:23
Mile 4 : 30:33
Mile 5 : 38:23
Mile 6 : 46:03
Mile 7 : 51:13
Mile 8 : 1:01:14
Mile 9 : 1:08:19
Mile 10: 1:15:51

So some pretty quick miles towards then end, but then from about 8 miles onwards it's all downhill - which is a relief given that between miles 4 and 7 it's pretty much uphill all the way! I even had a sprint finish in my legs, thanks to another runner who said go for it. He was apparently running with a groin strain - now that's commitment! That time meant I finished 303rd out of 889 runners. You can look at the full results on the IEK Chip timing website There are supposed to be 5 mile split times listed but I cant see these at the moment.

I should also say I ran yesterday 1.35 miles in 10:51 but failed to blog about it. I don't know whether this makes me a Janathon failure or not! Tomorrow I expect I will be aching somewhat but will happily run in the knowledge that there are only two days of Janathon left and after surprising myself with this time!

Just in time!

A very very short post before I forget to post anything at all. I really have very little to say but promise to post something more significant over the weekend.

Run summary

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 32:02*

*A whole 3:45 quicker thenmy effort at the same distance yesterday. I guess this proves that I don't like running in the rain!

Sponsored by the letters P, R and S

Today's run was sponsored by the letters P, R and S, namely Puddles, Rain and Sleep or lack of sleep in my case. Why a lack of sleep well my  6 year old decided that 3.30am was a good time to wake up and decide to watch some Alvin and the Chipmunks. This decision was shortly by me saying that now wasn't an appropriate time and sleep was a much better option. Cue 30 minutes of crying followed by 20 minutes of saying she had a nightmare, probably about Chipmunks. That led to a very hesitant "leap" out of bed this morning.

Once I was outside things didn't get much better as it was absolutely heaving it down. To the extent I had to don waterproofs :-( and had to splash through many puddles, whilst avoiding all the lucky people in their cars!

Run summary

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 35:47*

*This really is slow for me, but I blame the weather, the lack of sleep, the darkness, a pain which I hope isn't my hamstring and anything else apart from my running ability or lack of!

Runners encountered - 0 (as if there would be any other nutters out at this time!)
Dog walkers dodged - 1


I'm not sure this isn't entirely relevant to my blog post but hey ho!

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Rain who?

Rain dear, you know, Rudolph the red noses rain dear!

Just going through the motions...Janathon Run#25

A short post as I'm feeling a bit world weary! Running today literally felt like I was just going through the motions, drink some water, put kit on, warm up, start watch, start running. Given that I've run every day for the last 25 days I'm not surprised but I'm hoping it's not just me.

As it stands there are only 6 days left until the end of Janathon (boy has this month flown by) and I have to say I'm actually going to miss it. Although I do have to get up early tomorrow and Friday to do a run, which I'm definitely not going to miss!

I'm also pleasantly surprised that;

  1. I haven't been ill in January
  2. I haven't picked up any injuries, unless you count a pain in my right bum cheek, which I told myself I wasn't going to mention...dammit
Run summary

Distance - 3.91 miles
Time - 29:46

Runners encountered - loads
Dog walkers dodged - 0
Cobblestones crept across - thousands

A very fine rain...Janathon Run#24

Part of my 5.5 mile run route*
A short update today as I'm busy at work and am out this evening so not able to blog later. Today wasn't a day for the faint-hearted, cold, miserable and wet was a good summary of the weather and worse the rain was that horrible type that seems to soak you even though it wasn't raining that heavily :-(

Despite that I manged to drag myself outside into the "fresh" air. Unsurprisingly that weren't that many runners out and those that were out had plenty of rueful smiles!

*According to the many notices I see along this part of my run Thames Water plan to turn this part of the river front into some sort of super sewer. What is it with me and sewers?

Run summary

Distance - 5.59 miles
Time - 46:42

Runners encountered - Not many
Runners overtaken - 3
Runners who overtook me - 1
Dog walkers dodged - 2
Puddles stepped in - lots
Number of times drenched - 1


Why did the weather forecaster move to another country?

Because the weather didn’t agree with him.

[Photo credit - Canary Wharf from Flickr]

Artichoke hill...Janathon Run#23

It really does look like this
Here's a famous fact you may or may not know. Artichoke Hill is one of the places long running Police show the Bill was filmed it's also part of the 3.91 run I undertook this afternoon. Or rather it would be If was to run up Artichoke Hill.

  1. Artichoke Hill isn't that much of a hill
  2. I run across/past it rather then up it
But never let it be said that I don't grasp an opportunity to promote an unknown part of London. Even if it was unknown to me until I looked it up! If you have the time you really must have a look at some of the results for Artichoke Hill on Flickr

Run summary

Distance - 3.91 miles
Time - 29:05
Runners encountered - a few
Dog walkers dodged - 0
Famous, but sadly now defunct sets run past - 1
Less salubrious establishments run past - 1


I thought I'd struggle to find a clean joke about Artichokes*, how wrong was I...

Knock Knock 
Who’s there? 
Artichokes, who? 
Artichokes when he eats too fast!

*Not the greatest joke in the world admittedly

[Photo credit - Artichoke Hill from Flickr]

An almighty stink...Janathon Run#22

So today was another day of firsts, the first running on this particular route and the first time I'd run 40* miles in a week. If you saw me tweet about my run and looked at my running route, you might have noticed that I also ran past a sewage plant. I can confirm that yes it did stink and the wind wasn't even vaguely blowing in my direction.

Aside from the sewage plant, which I promise not to mention again, the run took me through some of the Ebbsfleet valley and up close and personal to Ebbsfleet international station, home of HS1. I'd love to tell you more about the plan for the Ebbsfleet valley, which I believe includes building a few homes but sadly the Land Securities website doesn't work and I'm not even using IE! We'll just have to wait and see I guess!

Run summary

Distance - 9.36 miles
Time - 1:17:53

Runners encountered - 3
Dog walkers dodged - 8
Sewage plants passed - 1
Sprints past sewage plants - 1


 I tried I really did but I couldn't find anything appropriate so no joke today I'm afraid.

*Okay okay it was 39.9 miles this week!

Running mojo...Janathon Run#21

So today was the first day I really didn't feel like running. After my dreadmill exploits yesterday my right calf was and still is feeling a a bit tight. I think I might need to invest in a foam roller as used by Karleen Smith on her blog or a sport massage. It was also horrible out which wasn't what the BBC weather site had predicted at all. Anyway to cut a long story short my willpower won over despite my legs protests and I proceeded outside for what would turn out to be a quick 4 mile run in reasonable conditions. Not a huge amount to say about the run itself apart from there were no runners and no dog walkers, which is a first.

I was almost run over by a car reversing at speed, which was an interesting experience. One final thing, aside from Deep Heat what do Janathoners recommend for rubbing into sore bits?

Run summary

Distance 4.01 miles
Time - 29:35


Q - How do you make an apple turnover

A - Push it down the hill

I'm not made for speed...Janathon Run#20 I'm not entirely sure why I was tyring to run at 14 kilometres an hour on the dreadmill. Yes today was the return of the dreadmill, to be honest it was quite nice not to have to watch where I was putting my foot all the time! Having said that I still hate dreadmills I always seem to have to double my efforts and my word am I drenched at the end, it's literally like someone has chucked a bucket of water over me!

There isn't really much to say about today's run...hold on what's that? 100 miles...100 miles...oh yeah this run meant I passed 100 miles for the month!!! That's the first time I've ever done that (and possibly the last) unfortunately I was bombing it along at some ridiculous pace at the time so I didn't have a chance to celebrate. I shall have a beer tonight instead and go out running (again) tomorrow!

Run summary

Distance - 7.45 miles (12km)
Time - 63 minutes

Runners encountered - 8
Dog walkers dodged - none obviously
People saying "come on" - 1
People dressing inappropriately for the gym - 1


Another appropriate joke given it's Janathon:

Q - What do you call a fast fungus?

A - A mush-vroom

A slow plod...Janathon Run#19 what was required following my quick 4 mile run yesterday, so that's exactly what I did! There isn't a huge amount to say about this run apart from it was mild, there were a few deep puddles to navigate and one runner attempted to strangle himself by wrapping his iPod around some iron railings, cue a sudden stop and a bout of expletives, it's a good job there were no children or those of a sensitive disposition in the immediate area!

Run summary

Distance - 5.59
Time - 44:03

Runners encountered - loads
Runners overtaken - 5
Runners who overtook me - 1
Runners trying to strangle themselves - 1
Runners using inappropriate language in public - 1
Dog walkers dodged - 2
Dogs throwing themselves into giant puddles enthusiastically - 1


I thought this joke was appropriate given that we're on Day 19 of Janathon.

Why did the orange stop rolling down the hill?

It ran out of juice.

I hate cobblestones...Janathon Run#18

The cursed cobblestones!
Okay I promised myself I wouldn't rant, but cobblestones seriously they are the bane of my life! Not only are they painful to run on but they also tend to be extra slippery, which has led to one or two interesting moments when I've been running and worst of all, they're everywhere. There are cobblestones outside my office, on several bits of my lunchtime run, you name it, they're all over the place!

Anyway rant over, deep breaths, time for the run summary.

Run summary

Distance - 3.91 miles *new route run for the first time today. 
Time - 29:10 *very pleased with this pace

Runners encountered - lots but not as many as yesterday
Runners overtaken - 1
Dog walkers dodged - 0


Why did the jelly baby go to school?

Because he really wanted to be a smartie.

A mile too many?...Janathon Run#17

You know what it's like you get changed, step outside and think I'll run the 4 mile route I had planned. Then when you get to 1/2 way you think actually I'll think I'll do 5 miles or maybe 6 or even 7. The point I'm trying to make is that sometimes I can get carried away when it comes to running and do more then I should be, which is precisely what I did today and now I'm suffering with what I believe is a tight hamstring.

I'm hoping a good stretch tonight will loosen it up otherwise I could be in trouble tomorrow :-(

Run summary

Distance - 5.59 miles
Time - 42:40

Runners encountered - I lost count
Dog walkers dodged - 2
Runners overtaken - 3


My daughters favourite joke at the moment...

  • What do sea monsters eat?

  • Fish and ships

Does the cold slow you down?...Janathon Run#16

I think today was definitely the coldest conditions I've ever run in. I'm not joking when I say that as I was sweating the sweat was freezing on my face* I mean I knew it was going to be cold, but this was eye watering, OMG I'm finding it hard to suck in enough air to breathe cold!

Despite the conditions I stuck it out and managed to get around my 4 mile course. Albeit in a very slow time (see above)

Run summary

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 32:23

Dog walkers dodged - 2
Runners encountered -  0 (what a surprise, all tucked up in bed no doubt)
Commuters collided with - 7
Strange women taking photos of me from the other side of the road  - 1

*Not actually true and probably impossible

My longest run...Janathon Run#15

A short post to let every who is following my Janathon efforts that I ran (for me) an impressive 7 miles today. This is my longest run as part of Janathon, it does form part of my usual runs but I hadn't included within Janathon because I hadn't had the time.

Anyway it was a very enjoyable run, just before sunset with the last mile done in semi-darkness.

Run summary

Distance - 7.04 miles
Time - 54:31

Runners encountered - 5*
Dog walkers dodged - 6

*I've included the little boy who rang alongside me for 10 seconds, the person who was sprinting down the road in jeans and boots and a runner who was walking!

And now for my joke, which I heard on TV this morning.

Q - Why did the partygoer wear a nappy to a party?

A - Because he was a party-pooper

Yes I didn't think it was very good either!

It's nice to see the pavements...Janathon Run#14

A late run today after spending most of the day replacing a sink in our downstairs bathroom, oh what fun and I'm sure my regular followers and Janathoners will be fascinated by this particular updated. Anyway following that I kitted up and braved the cold cold conditions for a 5 mile run.

The run was great fun until the point I was almost taken out by a cyclist. It was my own fault really for running for about 10 seconds in a bike. The expression on his face was priceless as was the amount of swerving/braking they had to do! I should probably be reflecting on what could have been a nasty accident but in the entire time I've been running outside that's the first time a cyclist has been cycling on that particular part of my route!

Run summary

Distance - 5.12 miles
Time - 38:17

Dog walkers dodged - 7
Runners encountered - 1
Number of cyclists that almost took me out - 1

[Photo credit - A road to darkness]

A bit chilly...Janathon Run#13

I was glad I had these
So today the weather was supposed to "turn" and by heck did it! It was absolutely freezing at 6.30am when I stepped out for my run. I thought to myself a good idea to get around quickly which I would have done if it hadn't of been for the sharp pain I developed just under my left shoulder blade. Which I hope was because I was breathing in freezing cold air rather then the onset of something horrible.

That slowed me down significantly so my run was a lot slower then what I was hoping for, but all in all still a decent time for 4 miles.

Run summary

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 31:30

Runners encountered - 1 (he was also well wrapped up!)
Dog walkers dodged - 2
Commuters collided with - 6

Pitch black anyone?...Janathon Run#12

I could have used this
We all know the film Pitch Black right? Vin Diesel running around in odd looking glasses killing a bunch of innocent flying beasties, innocent that is until they try and eat you. Or as IMDB put it "A group of marooned space travelers struggle for survival on a seemingly lifeless sun-scorched world" 

Well I now know how they feel, having decided to run my favourite five mile route which takes me through some unlit areas I really felt like I could have starred in that film! Fortunately there were no beasties hiding behind bushes or waiting to fly down from the sky and snatch me away.

I did however see a fox. I'm not a lover of foxes, after we lost 2 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs to their wily ways. But I have to admit to be entranced by this as it ran down the road I was running on like it owned the place!

Run summary

Distance - 5.12 miles
Time - 41:44
Runners encountered - 0
Dog walkers dodged - 2
Commuters collided with - 7
Comments about my shorts - 1
Foxes seen - 1
Number of times scared by movement in bushes - several

Chilly but calm...Janathon Run#11

Not much to say about today's run. I woke up I resisted the duvet gravity effect and I dragged myself downstairs into my running gear and out on to the chilly but relatively calm streets. Thursday and Friday look like they will be even colder so I may need more time to "prepare" myself for that challenge!

Run summary

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 31.25

Dog walkers dodged - 0
Runners encountered - 0
Commuters collided with - 6

Now if you've been reading my blog, you will have noticed it's called the "Running Librarian" because unsurprisingly I am a Librarian. So I thought I'd start posting Jokes about Libraries/Librarians, starting with this cracker :-(

Q - Why did the librarian slip in the library?

A - Because they were in the non-friction section.

10 for 10

Today is sponsored by the number 10, because we've reached what I consider a milestone - DOUBLE FIGURES! Today was/is the 10th day of January and saw me run for the 10th time in January! Very pleased with my efforts to-date and relatively injury free. Unfortunately there isn't a lot more to say then that I do however have what I consider to be a better joke then yesterday.

Q - What cheese do you use to hide a horse?

A - Marscapone

*boom boom*

Run summary

Distance - 5.59 miles
Time - 45 minutes*


Dog walkers dodged - 4
Runners encountered - loads
Runners who overtook me - 3
Runners I overtook - 5
Time spent standing at traffic lights 2 minutes and 30 seconds

[Photo credit - Number 10 from Flickr]

Running in the city...Janathon Run#9

May not be the same number of runners as today
So today was the first time I'd run my work lunchtime route. Unfortunately I forgot two important things; firstly I forgot my sports watch so my time was around what I've logged but wont be exactly. The second perhaps more important thing is my hair styling product. I'm now hiding in my office as a result.

Anyway on to the run, this is a 5 mile route I run a lot, which takes me close to the Tower Bridge and then through Wapping/Wapping Basin towards Canary Wharf before I double back at Canary Wharf. Now for some reason, much like treadmills, I run a bit slower in London. I think it has something to do with being at work and thinking about work and working :-) There are other things I don't like about running in London, which you may or may not agree with...

Things I like about running in London
  • Running next to the river
  • The sights
  • Other runners encouraging you or very occasionally being able to overtake other runners
Things I dislike about running in London
  • Running next to the river, especially when a breeze gets up
  • The sights, especially when there are bus loads of tourists ambling around looking at them
  • Other runners, there is only so much space on a pavement
  • The traffic
  • Traffic lights
  • Cobblestones
Aside from those six reasons I really enjoy running in London!

Run summary

Distance - 5.59 miles
Time - 44 minutes*

*Approximately, tomorrow it will be more accurate

Dog walkers dodged - 2
Runners encountered - I lost count

& finally to join in with everyone else who appears to be doing Janathon and Jokeathon...

  • Why was the banana* in hospital?
  • Because it wasn't peeling well
*This joke can be applied to any fruit that can be peeled.

[Photo credit - Flickr - London Marathon 2009]

Just me and myself...Janathon Run#8

One of the things I like about running outside is that it gives you a chance to reflect and think about stuff. A lot of my most "creative" moments have been when I've been on the road putting one foot in front of the other. This is one of the reasons I now dislike treadmills, at a gym there are too many distractions; people running next to you, people on other machines, music, TV, conversations happening around you. When you run outside on your own, you have yourself to keep yourself company. I never run with an iPod or MP3 player and have no plans to, especially now that a lot of races ban them and that's one of the reasons I enjoy running outside so much.

But enough of my ramblings we're exactly a week into Janathon and I'm feeling okay, although Biofreeze will be my friend soon enough I'm sure!

Run summary

Distance - 5.12 miles
Time - 38:44

Dog walkers dodged - 7
Runners encountered - 2*

*One of them was definitely a runner, but was walking :-( Tomorrow I plan to run a 10k route in the City which I've designed based on another one I've seen. Have any London based Janathoners run a route similar to this?

More genteel conditions...Janathon Run#7

So today was the end of the first week of Janathon and for a change conditions were quite nice, no strong winds, no lashing rains, no freezing fog. All in all quite pleasant conditions and my time for run#7 reflected this.

There were also a lot more people out and about, at least compared to 6.30 in the morning! So 7 days down only another 24 to go!

Run summary

Distance - 5.12 miles
Time - 38:55

Dog walkers dodged - 5
Runners encountered - 2
Terriers yapping at me from behind a garden gate - 2

Janathon week one summary

Total miles - 32
Total calories - unsure
Total time - unsure but it felt like a lot

Total soakings - 1
Injuries - 0
Aches and pains - plenty!

I'm looking forward to week 2 although I don't expect to run as many miles.

The dreaded treadmill...Janathon Run#6

This is what treadmills should be used for
Well today was the first time I'd stepped on a treadmill for about 6 months and I was suitably dreading it. For some reasons I always run a lot slower on treadmills then I do outside. It might be because you have that constant slowly moving reminder of how far you've run and how fast you're going. Either way I'm not a fan and probably wont be going back on one for another 6 months!

Although if the weather gets a lot colder then I might be taking advantage of a free weekly pass to my local gym courtesy of one of my work colleagues. So this was Run number 6, which means by my reckoning we're almost a week in to Janathon and for me it's going pretty well. Over the weekend I'll probably do one short run and one long one, it depends a lot on the weather of course and what else we're doing over the weekend.

Run summary

Distance - 6.21 miles/10k
Time - 53:12

Runners encountered - lots, although mostly either side of me
Dog walkers dodged - 0
Commuters collided with - 0

So finally a win for the runners!

[Photo credit - Treadmill from Flickr]

Mixing it up...Janathon Run#5

One of those things I knew I'd have to do if I stood any chance of completing Janathon was to mix up my runs. Which is why I decided to only run 3.57 miles today. I'm actually pleased that I only decided to run this distance as the weather conditions were horrible!

Not only was it raining but in my opinion it was windier then it was on Tuesday when we first experienced these inclement weather conditions! So as result of being buffeted, bashed and basically running into a headwind I posted a very disappointing time for what is a very short route.

Run summary

Distance - 3.57 miles
Time - 29:13

Runners encountered - 2*
Dog walkers dodged - 1
Commuters collided with - 5

*I think they were runners, they were dressed for running, but were walking at the time. Tomorrow I will have to see how things goes as I followed my run by throwing myself down the stairs. I'm hoping I haven't done any lasting damage but it's too early to tell at the moment.

[Photo credit - Mixer from flickr]

Finding your focus

It's a new year so if you're like me that means you're either going to set some New Years resolutions and probably break them or set some challenges/goals for the year that you want to undertake.

So what can you do to ensure that you complete the challenges or goals that you set yourself in 2012? I recommend having a read of an excellent post on the Above and Beyond KM blog called Find your focus, in the post V Mary Abraham suggests four ways in which you can complete goals you have set for 2012. These are as follows:
  1. Find your focus - decide early on what project or projects you're going to be undertaking and stick to those. If you take too much on you wont get anything done
  2. Plan to be flexible - I'll readily admit to having a curve-ball thrown at me. Unfortunately things don't always go to plan so you should plan for things to happen that disrupt your work and be flexible in your approach
  3. Celebrate progress - this is about recognising achievement and not just moving on to the next task or project without celebrating what you've achieved
  4. Be kinder - we all know that work can sometimes be a bit rough and you have to take the rough with the smooth. Being kind to your colleagues will set the tone for how they work with you during the rest of the year, so doing something nice be kinder
Some great advice here from V Mary Abraham and I'll certainly be referring back to this blog post when I'm thinking about setting my priorities for 2012.

Swings and roundabouts...Janathon Run#4

Another day, another might see a bit of a trend developing here...;-) having successfully dragged myself out of bed yesterday morning I did exactly the same this morning and was greeted by similar weather conditions aka windy but also today cold.

I'd already decided I was going to run the same route as yesterday and was pleased to get round in about the same time given that I've never run 3 days in a row let alone 4 days in a will be interesting to see what my times are like on day 24!

Statistics for the run are as follows:

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 30:50

Runners encountered - 0
Dog walkers dodged  - 0
Commuters collided with - 8

So a storming victory for the commuters today. I almost missed the yapping of dogs being walked...almost. Having said it was a bit colder today I had a discussion on Twitter with one of my close friends about what conditions we prefer to run in.

I'd rather run in cold conditions then windy conditions as running into a headwind or side-wind is likely to affect you're running more then the cold. Having said that I'd prefer to run in rain then the cold. Once you're wet you're wet, yet you can always get a bit colder and it always seems to take forever to warm up again. At the opposite end of the scale the hottest temperature I've ever run in was a sunny 21 degrees. When you run in this type of heat, which isn't really that hot I find myself drained of energy really quickly, which is probably why there aren't many races during July and August!

What are your perfect running conditions?

Windy with a spot of rain...Janathon Run#3

Well today I knew was going to be a challenge but I didn't expect the weather to play its part with 80mph gusts and a little bit of rain. Undeterred I ventured outside only to be almost blown off my feet, after that false start I set off on what would turn out to be 4 miles of battling the wind. Having said that it was great to get out before work and put in some miles on Day three of Janathon.

Statistics for the run are as follows:

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 30:19

Runners encountered - 0
Dog walkers dodged - 1
Commuters collided with - 8
People shouting "Run Forrest run" - 0

So a win for the commuters on their mostly walks/staggers to work.

Bright, but chilly...Janathon Run#2

I had no excuses apart from having to put away the Christmas decorations to not getting outside and completing run two of the Janathon challenge. So it was that wrapped up warmly and stepped outside and proceeded to cover 4.01 miles in a brisk 28:42. I've also as you may have noticed managed to finally save and download the Janathon participant icon.

Statistics from this run are as follows:

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 28:42

Runners encountered - 1
Dog owners dodged - 3
People shouting "Run Forrest run" - 0

So another win for the dog owners, but much closer this time. Tomorrow I'll include a list of commuters frowning at me as I've decided to run before work...should be interesting to see whether this actually happens.

My greatest challenge yet...Janathon Run#1

To start January 2012 off with a bang (relatively) I've signed up to Janathon. Janathon is a challenge that takes place in January (unsurprisingly) that ask individuals to undertake some form of exercise on every day during January. A lot of people run but the exercise can take any form as long as you log it on Runfree and blog about it, which is what I'm doing now.

So Run#1 of my Janathon challenge was a 5.12 mile run, taking in the lovely sights and smells of the A2 just outside of Gravesend. A reasonable time considering it was New Years eve the night before, but nowhere near my PB for this particular course. To "liven" things up a little I've decided to incorporate the following into my Janathon blog posts ala Bridget Jones' diary.

  • Runners spotted - 3
  • Dog walkers dodged - 7
  • People telling me to lift my knees up - 0
So a win for the dog walkers but these are early days in Janathon!