Top five reasons to use LinkedIn groups

Earlier this year I spoke at the BIALL conference on how I thought individuals should be using LinkedIn as more then just a place where they add connections. Entitled "Going beyond connections" my talk was a look at some of the functionality available within LinkedIn that users may be less aware of including LinkedIn groups. I use LinkedIn groups on a regular basis both to ask questions and to connect with individuals who work in similar positions to me.

So it was great to see the LinkedIn blog publish a post entitled the "Top five reasons to use LinkedIn groups" in the post the author outlines five reasons you might want to start using LinkedIn groups. These all resonate with me but I have to say number two resonates a little bit more. The full list is:
  1. Learn from your network
  2. Discover your passion
  3. Engage with your community
  4. Develop a focused audience
  5. Deliver high quality, curated content
What do you think, are you using LinkedIn groups or do you avoid them at all costs?

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    # by Laura Woods - Monday, December 12, 2011

    I'm a member of several LinkedIn groups, but I don't really use them much. It depends on the group really - some have quite good discussions, and some never seem to have anything of interest. I have occasionally tried asking questions on LinkedIn, but have never got very useful results - I find Twitter much more valuable for that kind of thing!