A short introduction to enterprise search

Are you considering implementing an Enterprise search tool? Then you might want to take a look at a presentation on the Pandia search engine news site. The presentation, which I've embedded below, looks at some of the challenges presented by enterprise search and provides some advice for anyone considering buying an an enterprise search product.

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    # by Mark Gould - Friday, December 09, 2011

    There is another really important issue for law firm purchasers to consider.

    Document repositories in law firms often present very different challenges than in other organisations. In the first place, there are regulatory and other restrictions on information that need to be respected by the search engine.

    More importantly, the average law firm DMS will include standard or precedent documents as well as huge numbers of variations on those documents. Sometimes a fee-earner will need to find the precedent or a good example of a facility agreement (for example), and sometimes they will need to locate a specific version of the document (out of the thousands that have been created and stored).