Deal 5 miler

Last Sunday I took part in the Deal 5 miler, this wasn't a race I'd run before but my understanding was that the race was held on a pan flat course and was a potential PB course. Now I hadn't run a 5 mile race since 2009 when I completed a "challenging" course is 36:56, I run 5 miles when training all the time, but 5 mile races are few and far between. So my expectations were quite low, although I hoped to run a sub 40 minute race.

Unfortunately on the day of the race the weather was a bit inclement, a strong wind behind us on the way out and a headwind on the way back, it was also raining, so all in all great weather to be running in. Despite this fact I posted a time of 37:29 which I was delighted with. I just need to keep up my training and perhaps and this will sound crazy run some more races before the end of the year! If we have snow like last year I might reconsider this decision!