21 Useful Cloud Computing Resources for Librarians

I recently spoke at the BIALL seminar "Emerging Technologies" on how I thought Cloud Computing, as well as other tools, was going to become a technology that Law Librarians should pay more attention to, so it's great to see that the iLibrarian has put together a list of "21 Useful Cloud Computing Resources". The list provides a useful introduction to what Cloud Computing is and some Cloud Computing applications.

Perhaps of most interest to Law Librarians will be the resources which deal with Cloud Privacy/Security. With Law Firms tending to be risk averse we need to ensure that we're aware of some of the concerns around using Cloud Computing if we're going to be suggesting Cloud Computing as a means to manage data and potentially host applications.

I believe Law Librarians are in a good position to take advantage of the developments in Cloud Computing, because if you think about the work we undertake we've actually been using Cloud Computing for some time. Or at least since dedicated LexisNexis and Westlaw terminals were replaced by web versions of the databases. Where do you think the dedicated servers supporting LexisNexis and Westlaw exist? That's right (probably) in the cloud!