Intranetters - October 2011

Yesterday I attended the latest in the quarterly meetings of the Intranetters group. Intranetters are an informal group of Intranet managers that meet to discuss issues affecting their work and as was the case on Tuesday to walk-through members Intranets.

At the latest meeting we were lucky enough to hear from Nigel Williams at Romec who walked through their very impressive Intranet. There were a lot of features on this Intranet that I can see us using or at least borrowing the idea and trying to replicate, which I think is the same thing as using!

I also, despite some technical difficulties, did a walk-through of our Intranet. This seemed to go down well and there were certainly plenty of questions, which I always think is a good thing. Last but not least we heard from the great James Robertson of Step Two Designs who was in London to attend this meeting and to present the Intranet innovation awards to some very worthy UK winners. If you haven't seen the list of winners already you can review the list of on the Step Two Website.

My congratulations to UK Parliament, ARUP and Framestore who were all present at the meeting to collect their award from James. Later this week a number of the attendees, including myself, will be attending the Interact Intranet conference. I'm looking forward to hearing from some of these speakers again about how we can and should be developing our Intranets.