Emerging technologies seminar

Last week I had the great pleasure of talking to a select group of BIALL members about some of the "emerging" technologies I believe will have the biggest impact on Law Libraries. You can view the full presentation below, although you may not get much from it as most of the slides are pictures only.

For an impartial report of the seminar look no further then the View from the Hill blog which has a good summary of the seminar. The observant among you will see that there are several videos embedded within the PowerPoint presentation. For once technology didn't let me down and these actually played, but they wont if you're looking at the embedded presentation below.

So because I'm nice I've included links to all 3 videos below. They are in the order I played them.

  • Social Media Revolution 2011 a video that will convince you, if you're not convinced already about the power of Social Media. There are some fascinating statistics in this video so if you haven't watched it I'd encourage you to do so. If you look the music then you might be interested in knowing that this song "Baba Yetu" was the first video game piece to ever win a Grammy award, for "Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)". Performed by the Grammy-winning Soweto Gospel Choir with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, you can listen to it on YouTube as well.
  • The second video is called "What is Google+ and do I need it" this video scares me slightly as it seems to indicate that Google is going to take over the world, which probably isn't that far from the truth. Aside from that the video is actually a very useful introduction to circles in Google+ and some of the other features that make this a direct competitor to Facebook and other social networks.
  • The last video I showed was one of several commercials that Microsoft showed recently which highlight how "difficult" tasks could be transformed by going "To the cloud". I love the fact that each of these videos includes a line saying "Internet connection required" well yeah duh!
Anyway enjoy the videos, the first two are really quite interesting and if you have any questions about the seminar or any of the technologies I mention I'd be happy to answer those.