Magical Law Library staff

We all know Law Librarians are magical but now it has been confirmed with the publication of "The Magical Law Library staff" post on the Linex Systems blog.

From the introduction to the Blog post "Lawyers, like many other library users in other sectors have very short memories, and little interest in anything beyond their immediate work. So it never occurs to them how those important books they need just happen to be available when they need them, in the current edition...It's all done by the magic of the Library staff"

The post goes on to describe some of the work undertaken by Library staff including:

  • Trialling, assessing and selecting electronic resources

  • Reading publisher information

  • Monitoring news sources

  • Undertaking research

  • Fee-earning

  • Calling in favours...from other Librarians in other sectors

  • Hunting down elusive books (always my favourite game on a Friday afternoon)

  • Budget planning, balancing and negotiating

  • Training

  • Acting as an unofficial IT helpdesk

  • & many many more magical activities

We sure are busy as Law Librarians, but are we valued? We're certainly valuable and this is where the blog post makes and important point "we help fee-earning staff to be better informed about developments in their work area, save them time trying to find reliable sources, stock the physical and electronic library...make sure they're trained and fee-earn when we get the chance to do so"

We really are quite valuable aren't we and dare I say it...magical! Now if someone could just magic me up some more time that would be great.

[Photo credit - Fruit Pie the Magician I liked this image so much when I saw it on FlickR I just knew I had to add it to this blog post]