Knowledge Management and Intranets

Do you manage an Intranet? does it incorporate Knowledge Sharing tools like Blogs, wikis and forums? were they added on to the Intranet? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you'll definitely be interested in a new post from the Green Chameleon blog. In it the author looks at how Corporate Intranets used and how can they help us contribute Knowledge. To begin with the author looks at the broad uses for Intranets, these include the following:

  • "corporate topics: spread messages from the CEO office, human resources, etc / access to corporate tools like HR tools, CRM, time & expenses, etc
  • teams (functional or project teams): discussions and collaboration on documents, notes / sharing of individual information / web conferencing
  • communities (groups of people gather around a specific topic): discussions and collaboration on documents, notes / sharing of individual information / stay in contact with experts in the same field
  • individual usage: personal information management: documents, bookmarks, notes / manage personal relationships and contacts
  • global usage: search and find experience & expertise in discussions, documents, people profiles / access to business tools for a specific function
  • external topics: integrate external news sources (RSS) / integrate external partners (e.g. suppliers) into communities"
The author then looks at some of the Knowledge Sharing tools which should be incorporated within an Intranet, these include wikis, blogs, bookmarks, profile pages and news feeds. What the author is really discussing here is the concept of a social intranet or as the author describes it himself "an intranet that is centred around the people and their connections; compared to classic intranets which focus on (central) information capturing and broadcasting. A people-focused approach might allow to make information capturing on demand; this means content is contributed either when somebody needs to know it or when somebody wants to express it"

Do Social Intranets exists? yes and there are a number of articles which discuss successful approaches to developing a Social Intranet:
How are you making your Intranet more social?

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    # by EphraimJF - Tuesday, July 05, 2011

    Thanks for providing this blog summary and for the great additional links James.

    For real-world examples of social intranets ThoughtFarmer has a great list of case studies:

    Tim nailed the value of social intranets in his post you've quoted when he said they're about connecting employees. One of the first things people say once they experience their own social intranet is "I never would have been able to connect with that person before."