I love the smell of vicks in the morning

Whilst most people were probably enjoying a nice lie-in on a Sunday morning I was up bright and early to take part in the Dartford 1/2 Marathon. This was the second time I'd run this race, having last ran it in 2008 when I set a new PB for 13.1 miles of 1:43:23 unfortunately that was 3 years ago and I've lost it would seem a lot of pace since then.

On Sunday I managed a respectable time of 1:51:38 which for this course is pretty good but could and should have been better then an average speed of 8 minutes and 31 seconds for each mile. However this is described as a challenging course so I'm hoping my next 1/2 Marathon the Kent Coastal Half Marathon will produce a quicker time!

I must say this was a very well organised race with marshals everywhere encouraging runners, especially up the hill from hell between mile 10 and 11. What I've missed since my last race is the smell of vicks vapour rub first thing in the morning, there's nothing like standing next to someone at some ungodly hour and feeling your eyes burn because they've applied copious amounts of vapour rub - perhaps just me?!