The horrors of devolved publishing

Luke Oatham has written an interesting post on his blog The Intranet Diary in the blog post called "The horrors of devolved publishing" Luke looks at some of the issues associated with "devolved publishing" specifically:

  • Consistent quality

  • Consistent structure (navigation)

  • Findability

Luke recalls how he was asked to implement devolved publishing to a particular team and when he did the quality of the pages they were creating, the structure and findability of the pages all suffered. Now Luke makes some interesting points about how devolved publishing can be a bad thing, but in my experience of being involved in the management of two Intranets devolved publishing rather then centralised publishing has always worked better.

Centralised published certainly has it place for example with pages that don't naturally fit with a particular team or for pages that you wouldn't necessarily want just anybody editing. The problem I have with Centralised publishing is that it causes bottlenecks. If someone wants a piece of content to be published to the Intranet immediately a centralised publishing process might not be able to accomodate this. In my opinion a much better solution is to have a mix of centralised and devolved publishing.