Running roundup

Its been a while since I've posted anything on here about running so I'd thought I'd provide a roundup of the races I've run this year.

My first race of the season was the Whistable 10k. I've run this race a couple of times in the last few years and have always posted a very respectable time. This is mostly down to the fact that the course is as flat as a pancake. However this year the weather conditions were to say the least a bit challenging with a strong head wind for the first 5k and then a tail wind for the last 5k. Despite that and the challenge of running around Bank Holiday day trippers I posted a very respectable time of 46:09 and finished 156th out of 613 runners.

The second race I ran this year was the Larkfield 10k I'd only previously run this race once and remember it being a very nice flat course around the Leybourne Lakes unfortunately unbeknown to me they changed the course last year into a two lap course. Now anyone who knows me will know that I hate laps. There is something about laps that makes me lose my focus and strikes the fear of god into me. I think it harks back to when I ran my first 1/2 Marathon and we had to run the same hill at Brandshatch a total of 4 times :-( So it was no surprise that I finished in a time of 48:23 and came 139th out of 339 runners.

The most recent race I've run was the Bluewater 10k, this is my local race and I've supported it since it has been held, plus they always give you a really great training top and goody bag at the end! Unfortunately about 10 days prior to running this race I managed to injure my knee. I have no idea how only that I was running really well up until the point I injured myself so was not very happy. Despite my slight injury I still managed to post a semi-respectable time of 47:48 (see what I mean about laps) on what is quite a challenging course. This saw me finish 362nd out of 1903 runners.

So quite a mixed bag of results. I'm still training, when I don't have an injury or a cold and recording all my runs and races on Runkeeper. Fingers crossed my next race will be the Weald of Kent 10 which takes place on the 26th of June. I understand this is a very flat course so I'm hoping for a decent time - as long as I put the training in!