Internal social tools that support the business

This is the title of an excellent presentation from James Robertson where he looks at some of the social tools that can be used internally both to support the work of a business and to facilitate communication between diverse groups of indviduals.

James starts the presentation by looking at the different types of Internal social media that businesses can use, these range from Activity streams to Yammer as James says in his blog post that accompanies this presentation "There are many different types of “social tools”, under the one umbrella, all working in different ways" James then provides some example of how social tools are being used effectively by organisations, these organisations include British Airways, American Electric Power and Sabre.

For me one of the most important point James makes is about understanding how your organisation works. If you don't understand how your organisation works then you'll never going to be able to provide a solution (social media tool) that is going to work effectively. To really understand the organisation you work for you need to get out there and talk to the people who are using the existing tools and hear what issues they have to deal with on a daily basis.

I've embedded the presentation below - enjoy!