Managing the flow on information using social tools

How do you manage the information that is sent to you, do you rely on email or hardcopy only? It can be hard keeping up with the amount of information we receive so it will come as no surprise that increasingly individuals are using Social Tools to manage the information they receive.

If you're not 100& certiain about the benefits of using Social tools to manage information then I recommend you read a recent Fumsi article called "Managing the flow of information with social tools" in the article the author looks at how information can be managed by individuals and by organisations. From the article:

"The beauty of RSS is that you choose what to subscribe to no-one can send you something you don't want and if you subscribe to a feed that turns out you don't like, just unsubscribe from it and it's gone forever. Your are in control unlike with email"

"Even if you miss something important in your flow of information first time around, it will picked up by other people and discussed - retweeted or blogged about, so it will bubble to the surface eventually. This is the power of the network effect - it filters, magnifies and distributes the most important information very efficiently"

Now imagine if the same principles of managing information were used within an organisation.

"Imagine being able to ask a question inside your organisation by posting a short message that anyone in your network can see and answer instantaneously; to be able to update people immediately on a project you've been working on; to be able to collaborate seamlessly with colleagues from all over the world" From a practical level what this actually means is looking at tools like wikis, blogs, microblogging and RSS.

This is the power of Enterprise 2.0 or as it's increasinly being called "Social Business" if you and your organisation aren't looking at Social Business then you really should be