Why building an Intranet is like making a cake!

It's my youngest daughters birthday on Saturday, she'll be the ripe old age of 1(!), whilst thinking about her birthday and birthday cake I stumbled across a post on the Intranet connections blog called "Intranet design: a recipe for success

In it Tara Clark of Intranet Connections explains how when you build an Intranet you'll often do it using a tried and tested recipe. From her blog post "You want to make the final product enjoyable, and to do so, you need to ensure that all of the ingredients are well balanced"

"Intranet design is similar to cooking in that it allows for revisions along the way. An intranet site starts with design applications that provide functionality to the site. You need to build up these applications with text, borders, pictures, in order to make the site operational and appealing to the user’s eyes. Along the way, you can add or remove icons, text boxes and documents to enhance the page. It’s a never ending process of exciting changes that increasingly make the intranet more accessible for the users."

I love the idea of referring to a recipe book when you're building an Intranet and it's so true. For example you might want to provide a piece of functionality but it doesn't exist at the moment, so you'll have to tweak the recipe slightly to take account of this. Also peoples "tastes" will develop over time so something that you original include within the Intrant may become less flavoursome and you'll need to look at your recipe book for an alternative. A great post, which got me thinking about what I can cook up next!