Darent Valley 10k

A couple of weeks ago I ran the Darent Valley 10k, this was the first race of my running season, having entered a few races earlier in the year they'd either been cancelled or moved to later in the year :-(

This was the first time I'd run 10k competitively since the Wilmington 10k in October 2010 so I waan't expecting a very quick time especially as the course is quite undulating! I love this race though as it takes in the postcard perfect villages of Eynsford, Farningham, Lullingstone and a brief chance to look at Lullingstone Castle

Regular readers of my blog may recall that this is the race I managed to injure myself fairly badly in the final 100 metres, there was no repeat of that fortunately. There was also no repeat of my sub 47 minute time from 2008 I did manage to run a sub 50 10k though finishing the race in a time of 49:52 placing me 166th out of 427 runners which I was quite pleased with. I'm hoping for a much better time in my next race which is the Whistable 10k, followed closely by the Larkfield 10k

I'm hoping to post sub 48 minute times for both these races as they're both quite flat and fast. In the meantime I'm running regularly in the sun!