SharePoint training not required

In SharePoint, Training not required Lorette S.J. Weldon looks at how Librarians can use SharePoint without necessarily having to undertake SharePoint training or understand complex coding language.

From her article on the website:

"The secret (to SharePoint) understanding the site templates that Microsoft has given librarians through SharePoint "out-of-the-box". These templates are based on social networking abilities and not program coding. It is through a "plug and play" effort that librarians can find the features in SharePoint that they would need to help them manage their library collections" This is great news, especially when Lorette outlines some well used Social Media sites and their online alternatives:

  • iGoogle > SharePoint option Portals

  • Google Groups > Discussion board

  • Slideshare > Document Library

  • FlickR > Picture Library

  • Wikipedia > Wiki Page Library

  • Google DOCS > Documents for Review

  • Delicious > Links

  • Google Calendar > Calendar

  • LinkedIn Polls > Surveys

  • Huddle Workspaces > Sites and Workspaces

Lorette then reports on some of the search results from a survey she underook which looked at how Librarians were using SharePoint. The conclusion is also very interesting if you're considering using SharePoint within your organisation:

"SharePoint can be customized through social networking skills without the help of "add-on" applications. In order to gain this "power" to customize their sites, librarians need to develop a working relationship with their organization's IT department. The IT staff can grant them access to their own section on the organization's SharePoint-based intranet. Once the librarian has access to their "own" SharePoint-based site, they will be able to use "out-of-the-box" features to "plug and play" what components they would want to help with their library management. This approach takes minimal training and would create a happier environment for librarians"