SharePoint as an Intranet or as Collaboration platform?

Apologies to anyone who doesn't watch Harry Hill, but to coin a phrase from his TV show. I like SharePoint as an Intranet and I like SharePoint as a collaboration platform, but which is better? There's only one way to not really...

...but hang on though what are some of the differences between SharePoint as an Intranet and SharePoint as a collaboration platform, well this is the subject of James Lappin's post on his blog "Thinking records" James points out some key differences between using SharePoint as an Intranet and SharePoint as a collaboration platform. Some highlights from his post:

  • Managing a collaboration/document management environment is a different ball game from managing an intranet environment
  • The scale is different. In an intranet environment you can expect a sub-section of the organisation to contribute a small amount of content on a monthly basis. In a collaboration/document management environment you may reach the point where most of the organisation are contributing on a daily basis.
  • The risks are different. In the collaboration/document management environment there will be material with sensitivites (personal/commercial/political). Such material is not typically contributed to intranets.

James makes a lot more points in his post, which will be of interest to people who currently manage SharePoint environments but as an Intranet Manager and someone who also manages a collaborative platform the above points were of most interest. I certainly agree with the second point and talking more generally this is one of the biggest difference between these two types of environments.