How to Use LinkedIn With Twitter

Are you using both Twitter and LinkedIn? have you thought about how you could use Twitter to assist with your networking on LinkedIn? No, well the Social Media examiner has published a blog post called "How to use LinkedIn with Twitter for better networking" which looks at how you can integrate your Twitter posts with LinkedIn and the benefits of doing this.

They list the major benefits of doing this:

  • Follow your LinkedIn connections on Twitter
  • Post status updates simultaneously to both Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Monitor and interact with your Twitter streams from within LinkedIn
  • Create a LinkedIn-specific Twitter list

The blog post goes on to explaine how you can:

  • Add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile
  • Install the LinkedIn Tweets application
  • Identify and follow all your connections who have Twitter accounts
  • Create a Twitter list of all your connections

This is a really interesting and practical article. However a word of warning only add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account if you're comfortable displaying all your Tweets here. If you're not then you'll be better off just adding the #in hashtag to your Tweets. This will publish your tweet to your LinkedIn profile.

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    # by K7 - Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    Great thing. I never thought of linking Linkedln with Twitter. This makes social networking much easier. Thank you for posting it. Glad I came here. :)