Could we be more collaborative?

Two interesting articles here on how companies are missing out on or doubt the benefits of collaboration tools. The first from Read Write Web called "Companies doubt benefits of collaboration tools" reports on a survey undertaken by Forrester which looked at the benefits associated with using Social Media:

"...most companies are seeing very few, if any, benefits from online collaboration software, at least according to a new report by Forrester. Of the survey's respondents, 64% said they saw anywhere from zero to four benefits after implementing collaboration software"

Fortunately it's not all bad news "The biggest advantage such software does offer is in reducing travel costs, which 62% of businesses reported as a payoff. Improved communication and project management were also cited"

The second article from ZD Net called "Are businesses missing the benefits of collaboration technology?" also looked at the research undertaken by Forrester. In it the author asks whether reducing travel costs, teaches us the right lessons about the value of Social Media. The author argues that it's too easy to reach for the "low hanging fruit" or quick gains rather then invest time in a collaboration tool. This second article is definitely worth reading!