CLSIG AGM and Professionalism Seminar

Earlier this week I attended the CLSIG AGM and Professional Seminar the latter run by Susie Kay. The venue was the always impressive City Business Library, which I've now been to a total of 2 times in 6 months despite working in the City for 11 years. After the official business of the evening was completed Susie started her presentation.

One of the first things she asked us to do was to think about some of the things that were important to us for example how important is it that you're on time, or that you dress "professionally" (like the chap on the right - does this say "professional to you?). This was an interesting and engaging way to start the presentation and certainly made me think about some of the things that are important to me.

Susie then looked in more detail at some of the attributes that make someone "professional" Susie described these as the ABC's of professionalism. This acronym translates as (A)ttitude, (B)ehaviours (C)hoosing excellence. You can find out more about each of these aspects of professionalisms on Susie's Blog "The Professionalism Blog" under the following titles:

To finish off the evening Susie demonstrated how important it was for us to look after ourselves by doing the pinch test. In this test you grab a little piece of your skin and see how long it takes to return back to your hand. If it takes a long time then you're officially dehydrated.

This seminar was part of the CLSIG professional development club series of seminars, which I've always found very informative and well worth attending if you have a chance.