Top tips for dealing with an uncertain world

How do you cope with uncertainty in the workplace, keep working and ignore everything that's happening around you? or something else...

This article on the Information Today website looks at how Information Professionals can deal with change in their workplace. From the introduction "Change is indeed good. But when it happens to you, rather than being instigated by, you and you have no say whatsoever, it can feel pretty grim"

Indeed it can be grim so what choices do Information Professionals have when it actually comes to dealing with change.

Well the author actually offers some very practical advice on how we can deal with change, they are:

  • Develop a thick skin - a very thick skin!
  • Improve your vocabulary - for all those application letters you'll be writing...possibly!
  • Attend events - This should apply whatever the situation
  • Offer to deliver a workshop yourself - This is good advice, get out there and sell yourself
  • Read and respond to the blogs of others - Again good advice, especially if there are a lot of people in the same boat
  • Think about your own skills gaps - Look for free training and attend as much as possible
  • Think about your online presence - Yes that means googling yourself

This is an interesting article, with some very practical advice.