Top 10 reasons for updating your Intranet...

I love this post from the Socialtext blog which asks "Are you ready to make your Intranet social" and then goes on to list the Top 10 reasons why you need to urgently update your Intranet.

I've reproduced these below *note some American terms are used, but you'll get the gist..

  1. The most common question about (the Intranet) is “What Intranet?”
  2. Today employees just look for the cafeteria lunch menu
  3. The CEO was given upgrade suggestions from their 5th grader
  4. The employee directory still lists job titles from 6 years ago
  5. You want to level the playing field between the introverts and extroverts
  6. Your organization has more silos than on all of the farms in the state of Vermont
  7. There are more servers under employees’ desks running wikis and blogs than in the server room
  8. When you click on the link to open it, you hear “No, I’m sorry, Dave. I cannot do that …”
  9. The CFO thought microblogging was cheaper than blogging
  10. You’re not popular on Facebook but maybe you could be a corporate collaboration hero

Sound familiar? if it does stop worrying and start planning! The blog post also lists some of the main reasons why you might want to think about updating your Intranet.

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    # by Francisco Castelo Branco - Wednesday, February 09, 2011