Tips for Intranet Employee Profiles

What's one of the most important things to get right on your Intranet? Some people might argue it's the lunch menu but for me ensuring that the people search and individuals profiles including photos are accurate is vital to ensure the success of the Intranet.

So it was great to read "14 Tips for Intranet Employee profiles" in it the author offers some tips on how to manage the profile creation and updating process and perhaps more interestingly some tips on how to encourage users to use or update their own profiles.

I love the following suggestions and may even try them where I work:

  • Run a “Where’s Wally / Waldo?” competition where one employee has a replacement photo. Employees must search to find the right one.
  • A data treasure hunt. Working with a group of employees, add clues across a series of profiles that creates a chain to an answer.