Taxonomy vs Information Architecture

Okay before I get into the heart of this blog post I want to say one thing. I'm not an Information Architect and if someone was to ask me about Information Architecture I'd really struggle. I do know a little bit about Taxonomies, having worked on a project developing a Taxonomy, albeit a while ago.

So it was quite interesting to a read a blog post called "Taxonomy vs Information Architecture" on the Enterprise Content Management blog this post looks at two terms which are widely used when describing websites developed within organisations.

Having read this post, my understanding of the terms Information Architecture and Taxonomy is now this:
  • Taxonomies are used to describe and organise content so a piece of content might have a taxonomy term added to it.

  • Information Architecture is used to describe the structure of the site, used in conjunction with a Taxonomy to provide easy access to content

Am I close, or miles away still?