Outsourcing, Outrage or Opportunity?

Yesterday I noticed a lot of US law librarians were tweeting about an ARK organised event

called "Best Practices & Management Strategies for Law Firm Libraries and Information Centers" You can see all the tweets from this event if you search Twitter search for #ARKLIB

Of real interest to me was the Keynote debate which focused on outsourcing, its implications the opportunities associated with outsourcing and of course the challenges. The Keynote speakers were Ron Friedmann who blogs at Prisim Legal and Jean O'Grady who runs the Dewey B http://www.blogger.com/upload-image.g?blogID=6563356373853416484Strategic blog. Before the event Jean had asked all participants to consider which services or functions they provided they thought were "core" which of course raises the interesting question what are Law Libraries "core" services?

Well you probably wont be surprised to see that shelving books and loose-leaf filing come right up the bottom of the list of core services and management of research services, training and other research comes right at the top. The question is, is this what we're good at or should be focussing on to avoid being outsourced? I've reproduced the results of Jean's poll here, you can also view the survey results on her blog post Outsourcing, Outrage or Opportunity? What is Core?

[Photo - Flickr]