The end is nigh...maybe

It seems like you cant move these days without reading about another Law Firm outsourcing some aspect of their support function.

Early this year news came that the CMS Cameron McKenna project to outsource its entire business support team in conjunction with Integreon could affect up to half of the support staff currently employed.

That was followed by the news that Morgan Cole has signed a deal with Integron to use their shared back office centre. Then to top it all off nicely Allen & Overy announced that it was opening a Support Services Centre in Belfast with "...elements of IT, HR, finance, business services and library will be delivered from the new office"

There is some "good" news though with the BIALL Blog writing that Richard Susskind is to join a client advisory board at Integreon as the BIALL blog says "What "The End of Lawyers" means for the future of law librarians seems equally thought provoking"

Indeed it is, any guesses on which Law Firm will be next to announce it's outsourcing its support functions?