Are you a good Intranet KISSer?

Easy of use and simplicity should be the foundation of any good Intranet. But how many Intranets have you seen that fail to do exactly that? In an excellent post on the Intranet Connections blog Rachel Lai says "Keep it simple" when thinking about all aspects of your Intranet, but in particular:

  • Keep your homepage simple - People need to see new information quickly and efficiently
  • Keep your content simple - That means thinking carefully about what you write and how much you write - less is more in this case!
  • Keep your navigation simple - That means using an intuitive structure for your Intranet and where you need to apply labels make sure it's obvious what you mean!

As Rachel says in her summary "Keeping your intranet simple might sound easy, but it takes careful consideration and planning. Simplicity takes time and practice to master but the payoffs for intranet usage can be phenomenal" so what are you waiting for...get to it!

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    # by Shivam - Friday, December 27, 2013

    Greater access to company information for all authorised employees. This is of special importance to organisations that rely on quick sharing of information between multiple locations within a secure network.