Linkedin maps!

Following fast on the heels of Jennie Law and Karen Blakeman I've created my own LinkedIn Map, shown here>>>

As Karen Blakeman on her blog says, the result is very pretty, but frankly quite messy and I'm not entirely sure what it says.

I have identified some of the groups indicated by the different colours, but some of them I've really struggled with. Anyway if you want to give it a go, you can do exactly that at Linkedin Labs.

Mr Motivated!

What's been happening this year? If I was to be honest I'd have to say not a lot...for some reason I've not been feeling motivated at all. I'm sure this happens to everyone at some point but I've been feeling like this for a while.

This blog for example has been sorely neglected...I know I'm sorry. My exercise (running) regime has gone completely out the window, while my piling on the pounds has gone through the roof. So it's time to pack up my troubles, throw off my shackles and get myself motivated, starting with this blog...

It's all about the tips!

It's a new year, albeit 17 days old which means you're probably setting some new years resolutions and if you're anything like me thinking about how you can improve your Intranet.

Thankfully you don't have to do much thinking (if you don't want to) as there have been a number of blog posts recently describing how to improve your Intranet.

My pick of those that I've seen are: