Tweet for your life!

"Businesses need to start taking Web 2.0 seriously if they are to join the bigger conversation" is the theme of this article from the CBR Online.

In it the author discusses how businesses are finally beginning to see the value of using tools like Twitter as part of their IT Strategy. The article also looks at how Social Media tools are being used to "optimise internal communication" Clifford Chance for example "are using this approach to share advice and comment on big cases"

The role of a Corporate Intranet is also discussed briefly, amongst the bad news there is some good news for anyone who manages an Intranet currently; corporate Intranets "need to be supplemented by more open, social network tools, Document management and portals don't go away, but their roles will change"

This is an interesting article, with comments from insiders aka vendors and two case studies of how companies are using Social Media tools to foster collaboration (Webtrends) and engage with their customers (Asigra)

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