The Social Intranet

Heather Colman has written an excellent write up of her attendance at the Social Intranet conference. In her blog post "The Social Intranet"Heather outlines some of the key learnings from the conference.

If you've not come across the term "Social Intranet" before Heather defines this term in her blog post "What is social Intranet software? According to the experts, social Intranet software combines traditional Intranet elements with social collaboration features such as “rich user profiles, activity streams, discussion forums, wiki and blog capabilities,” micro blogging, etc. Social Intranets result in user generated content where updating responsibility is moved to a decentralized, open model"

As Heather suggests giving up control can be quite a scary process for an organisation, but my feeling is that doing so engages individuals with the Intranet more. If people know they're responsible for a particular page or section and they know they have to do it, they're more likely to update it. It also moves eases the burden of work away from the central Intranet team, allowing them to work on developments to the Intranet, rather then then editing of content.

This sounds like it was a really interesting conference. You can if you really want to purchase all the presentations as webinar recordings and listen to them at your leisure - enjoy!