SharePoint: An Intranet Manager Perspective

What's going to be a hot topic for Intranet managers in 2011? You guessed it SharePoint 2010, this is unsurprisingly the theme of Martin White's article on the CMS Wire blog.

So what's so great about SharePoint 2010 that is making people look twice at is a tool for collaboration and for managing an Intranet. "The answer...a substantially improved development platform which in principle addressed many of the concerns around SharePoint 2007. Not only has search substantially improved but of course so has the collaboration offering, and for intranet managers the metadata management functionality also offers some important benefits"

The article then looks at some of the pressures to migrate as well as some of the issues associated with moving from a CMS to SharePoint 2010. These include resourcing, governance and issues with the SharePoint search. If you're an Intranet manager, which you might well be if you're reading this blog, or just interested in SharePoint 2010 then Martin's article goes some way to understanding some of the issues involved.

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