Working collaboratively means a new way of working...

James Robertson of Step two Designs has written an excellent article on how the new breed of Collaboration tools will require staff to work differently.

James explains the problem in more detail in his post Collaboration tools require new ways of working:

  • "these are deeply unfamiliar tools for most “normal” staff (ie not us). They are not drop-in replacements for our old ways of working, and require different behaviours and ways of thinking.It is therefore strange to see so many organisations rolling out these tools with little or no training or support. In many cases, there isn’t even an announcement heralding the release of these new tools, with adoption left to organic growth through word-of-mouth"

So much of what James says in his blog post rings true with me and the organisations I've worked in. So what can we do to avoid some of the issues highlighted in the blog post? Most important according to the article is Communication and Support it really is about being there to answer their questions and to make individuals use of these tools more effective.

A great post - which I'm sure I'll be referring to in the future!

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    # by Unknown - Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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